Mackie PPM1012 12 Channel Powered Mixer


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Main functions

  • 12-channel, 1600W powered mixer with integrated 32-piece effects
  • Dual RMFX + processors Including 24 ‘Gig Ready’ effects
  • High headroom, low-noise microphone preamps deliver transparent sound
  • 3-band channel EQ for excellent sound sculptures
  • Solid steel chassis with ABS end caps for durability



    The Mackie PPM1012 12-channel Powered Mixer is equipped with dual Class-D fast recovery amplifiers, integrated FX, high-quality preamps and every tool that a sound engineer needs to develop the perfect sound. The incredible preamps in the mixer ensure a transparent sound with little noise and a high headroom, while the integrated 48V phantom power allows for use with condenser microphones. With a built-in RMFX + processor with 24 excellent FX options, including delays, choruses and reverbs, users can adjust their sound to the environment. This sound can then be adjusted with excellent flexibility thanks to the 3-band active channel EQ with a maximum of 15 dB cut / boost per band.

    Full description

    Class D Reinforcement of class D

    Mackie have custom designed the PPM1012 with class D amplifiers, which are cool-running and feature maximum efficiency. The PPM contains Mackie’s proven Fast Recovery circuits, eliminating the risk of annoying amp locking. The result is a distortion free mix, even when pressing peak levels.

    Integrated limiter

    The built-in limiter can be used with the most popular outboard stereo limiters used in live sound today to protect your speakers from damage. The limiter’s attack and release times have been specially selected to address the full bandwidth of the music and will not cloud by adding unwanted pumps. PPM mixer taps are surprisingly lightweight, but extremely powerful. You can push the PPM1012 to its maximum power, distortion free.

    Premium Components & connections

    Excellent Mackie preamps ensure transparent, low-noise / high main chamber properties at the front of the mixer. The PPM1012 offers 8 mic / line channels with trusted Mackie preamps. True 48V phantom power allows every condenser microphone to perform optimally. Legendary 3-band active EQ with mid-sweep directly from the hugely popular VLZ3 mixer series. The sweetening of each channel is a piece of cake. Individual mono-channel inserts allow you to use your favorite compressor or other outboard processing on a critical instrument or voice. They are also great direct options for recording. Special in-line compressors (Chapter 1-6) provide a simple but sweet dynamic with a single turn of the button.

    Easy check

    Double graphical EQs are provided for use with mains voltage and monitors. These EQs are equipped with tight, constant Q filters that only affect the frequency range you intended. Mackie’s high-resolution 12-segment meters enable better visibility of your signal, and the super-fast response of the meters allows what you see to be translated quickly and easily into what you hear.

    “Gig Ready” effects

    Two completely new RMFX + (Running Man FX) effect processors bring ‘gig-ready’, usable effects into your mixes. The RMFX + processor has 24 solid FXs that are known for their utility and usability. Small, medium and large space returns with the choice of a warm or light characteristic to put your mix in the right space. Simple, rich choirs and a series of practical delays with common repetitions allow you to create professional mixes without the need for a two-hour sound check. The RMFX + is also the first built-in processor with a user typing function. So if you have a delay, but our pre-set time does not work, you can tap it immediately! Mackie have supplied a full rack of gear within easy reach that is easy to control,

    Absolutely armored

    Armored and ready for action, the PPM1012 is packed in solid metal, protecting it against years of abuse. The integrated front handle ensures that you can easily pick it up and get started, and it can be mounted in a rack for extra stiffness and safety.

    Matching Made easy

    PPM mixers and Mackie passive speakers are made for each other. From their popular C (C300 / 200 series) to their S (S200 / S400 series), Mackie designed their mixer to perfectly match the power requirements of their passive speakers. Mackie simply provides enough power for a complete system.


    • Fully-equipped 12-channel, 1600-watt desktop mixer with built-in effects
    • 800-watt & 800-watt peak of class D power amplifiers for fast recovery of class D
    • Double 32-piece RMFX + processors with 24 ‘gig ready’ reverbs, choruses & tag delay
    • 8 mic / line mono inputs & two stereo line inputs with 4-segment LEDs for mono and stereo inputs
    • Mackie high headroom, low-noise microphone preamps with RF rejection & switchable 48V phantom voltage
    • 6 special in-line compressors
    • 3-band channels EQ with mid sweep (100Hz – 8kHz) on mono channels & 4-band channels EQ on stereo line channels 9/10 and 11/12
    • DI inputs for direct instrument connections on channels 7 & 8
    • 4 AUX send – two mon & two FX
    • Dual 9-band graphic EQs on network and monitor outputs
    • Mono output with level control & low-pass filter adjustable from 75Hz – 100Hz
    • 3-mode two-channel amplifier, switchable as L / R network stereo generator, mono network / monitor 1, or mon 1 & mon 2
    • Precision passive EQ
    • 12v BNC lamp socket 12v BNC
    • Robust metal chassis with integrated carrying handle
    • Rack ears included
    • Lightweight & portable


    • Sound characteristics
      • Equivalent Input Noise, Mic Input, 150Ω Source Impedance, 20Hz – 20kHz: -128 dBu
      • Main menu down, all channels down: -95 dBu
      • Main menu level 0 dB, all channels level down: -89 dBu
      • Main menu 0 dB, all channel levels 0 dB: -84 dBu
      • Mic Mono Input Gain: 0 dB to +50 dB.
      • Line mono input gain: -20 dB to +30 dB.
      • Line stereo input gain: -20 dB to +20 dB.
    • Frequency range
      • Mic Mono input: <10Hz – 100kHz
      • Line mono inputs: <10Hz – 32kHz
      • Line stereo inputs: <10Hz – 80 kHz
    • Distortion (THD + N)
      • Mic Mono: <0.003 Percentage
      • Line Mono: <0.005 Percentage
      • Line Stereo: <0.003 Percentage at Main Out: <0.003 Percentage at Main Out
    • Maximum input levels
      • Mic Mono Input: +21 dBu Minimum gain
      • Line mono inputs: +21 dBu
      • Line Stereo inputs: +21 dBu
    • Maximum power levels
      • Preamplifier Main & Monitor outputs: +21 dBu
    • Speaker outputs
      • Peak out-put power at 4Ω: 2 x 800W Peak
      • RMS out-put power at 4Ω: 2 x 400W RMS, 1 percent THD. 2 x 500 W RMS, 3 percent THD
      • RMS out-put power at 8Ω: 2 x 250W RMS, 1 percent THD. 2 x 300 W RMS, 3 percent THD
      • Recommended load impedance: 4-8Ω Per Channel
    • Equalization
      • High racks (all channels): ± 15 dB @ 12kHz
      • Mid Peaking, sweeping: ± 15 dB
      • Mid Sweep Range: 100Hz – 8kHz – 8kHz
      • Hi Mid Peaking: ± 15 dB @ 2.5kHz
      • Lo Mid Peaking: ± 15 dB @ 400 kHz
      • Low racks (all channels): ± 15 dB @ 80 Hz
      • 9-band graphic EQ: ± 15 dB @ 63, 125, 250, 500, 250, 500
      • Main and monitor 1: 1k, 2k, 2k, 4k, 8k and 16kHz
    • Digital effects
      • Processor: 2 32-piece s 32-piece s
      • Input / Output: Mono input / stereo output for mono input / stereo output
      • Number of presets: 24
    • Impedances
      • Mic Mono Input: 3.6 kΩ Balanced
      • Line mono input: 20k & ohmΩ Balanced
      • Line mono input, chapter 7, 8 Hi-Z: 500kΩ Unbalanced
      • Line stereo inputs: 20kΩ Balanced
      • Main and monitor outputs: 240Ω balanced, 120Ω unbalanced
    • AC power requirements
      • EU: 200-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 250 W, 250 W
      • AC connector: 3-pin IEC 250 VAC
      • Operating Temperature: 0 ° – 40 ° C
    • Dimensions
      • Weight: 13.2 kg
      • Height: 133 mm
      • Width: 442 mm
      • Depth: 487 mm

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